Summer Workshops

Price: FREE! 

June 27 to August 12


Saboteur Workshop 1 (2-hrs):  Monday, June 27

from 11:00 am PST to 1:00 pm PST


Chargers & Drainers (1-hr): Friday, July 15

from 12:00 pm PST - 1:00 pm


Dare, Dream, Do! (1.5 hrs) Monday, July 25

from 11:30 am PST to  1:00 pm PST

Saboteur Workshop 2 (2-hrs): Friday, August 12

from 11:00 am PST to  1:00 pm PST


Curious about Positive Intelligence, your PQ (Positivity Quotient) what a Saboteur is and how you can change it? We have four FREE Summer Workshops to engage your brain and creativity.

Saboteur Workshops: include a free Saboteur assessment and an introduction to author Shirzad Chamine's research in Positive Intelligence. An engaging truth-telling experience using Mural, the online collaboration platform.

Chargers & Drainers: in our life and work we have things that charge us up, and tasks that drain us. This is a hands-on exploration in Mural to assess and make changes that charge and excite. Perfect for teams!

Dare, Dream, Do! Research shows that we are way more open to think big on behalf of other people. Taking advantage of this phenomenon, this is your time to sit down, dream and take action. If you haven't taken time for yourself, if you forgot what it's like to DREAM BIG, this is a great way to start!

100% Risk Free Guarantee
Maybe you're skeptical that you can achieve lasting behavior change.

We understand. You need to see and feel this program to believe it. That's why we offer a 30-day guarantee.  

At any time during the first 30 days of the program simply send us a one-sentence email: Full refund please! And you'll receive it within 24 hours. No questions asked.  

That's our promise to you.